World Schools Selection Race,
Gore Heath, Dorset
Saturday 17th November 2007

Simple Results and Splits

British Schools Orienteering Championships,
Bovington, Dorset
Sunday 18th November 2007

Wednesday 28th controllers' comments added.
Sunday 25th coordinator's comments added.
Friday am planners' comments added.
Wednesday 10am updated classes G6 and G7 and team results.
Monday 10pm name correction on B9; added Winsplits and Splits browser.
Monday 6pm uplodaded corrected individual results; and team results.
14.30pm Sunday very provisional results uploaded
Sorry. Due to the weather conditions the South start lost their dibber tent and had to work from the back of a car. As a result a number of wrong dibbers were issued at the start. I think we have matched the right person to each dibber.

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For downloadable files select bsoc2007.exe a self-extracting zip file containing both fixed spaced and tab separated text files of school list, individual and team results (the tab separated files are suitable for import into Excel); and bsoc07.csv a SPORTIdent CSV file of splits, suitable for import into WinSplits.

Course splits
Course B10 B10
Course B11 B11
Course B12 B12
Course B13 B13
Course B56 B5 B6
Course B7 B7
Course B8 B8
Course B9 B9
Course G10 G10
Course G11 G11
Course G12 G12
Course G13 G13
Course G56 G5 G6
Course G7 G7
Course G8 G8
Course G9 G9

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