Results for BSOC 2004, Sandringham Country Park, 21/11/2004

Thursday 2nd Dec added Organiser and Planners' comments.
Tuesday added fastest splits and SplitsBrowser graph.
Monday 5pm updated splits for blue start classes to include places.
23.30pm Sunday Blue start classes (B11, 12, 13; G11, 12, 13) corrected for early start time; age class and team results added.
14.40pm Sunday provisional results uploaded

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Found property

The following items of found property may be claimed from Pat & Alan Bedder by e-mail alan.bedder @ or telephone 01603 424589:

   1. Poly bag containing 3 whistles, reels of tape, wrist sweat band and glasses,
   2. Pair grey gloves,
   3. Headwear,
   4. Personal MP player.

Course splits
Course B10 B10
Course B11 B11
Course B12 B12
Course B13 B13
Course B5 B5
Course B6 B6
Course B7 B7
Course B8 B8
Course B9 B9
Course G10 G10
Course G11 G11
Course G12 G12
Course G13 G13
Course G5 G5
Course G6 G6
Course G7 G7
Course G8 G8
Course G9 G9

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