Results for BSOC 2004, Sandringham Country Park, 21/11/2004

Organiser, Planners, Controller.
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BSOC is a different ball game when it comes to organising orienteering events. Having visited last years event at Delamere Forest where all looked to have run smoothly and having organised other national events, I thought it just an extra large colour coded event!

Life is full of suprise: comments from last years organisers report; the preceding six weeks is mad; deadlines to meet; runners numbers and goodies turning up two days prior; finally setting off to the venue with a substitute PA system. Come the Saturday, with a willing band of helpers, the assembly area was set up and the three start areas identified by team leaders. At last all was calm! Later good news - the promised PA system would be installed before race time.

Sunday: an early start; the various functions in place and ready to go; the parking started to buzz; school tents being erected in the assembly. Relief - its working!! Time flashed by - busy - then after the noisy prize giving its over.

In making the event a success thanks to all the schools that competed and congratulations to all the winners.

Acknowledgements to all conversations, telephone calls and e-mails of appreciation. I will share these with the EAOA supporting club members. Ta!

Thanks to the following supporters:
Outspan, Swizzel Marlow, Robinsons, The Outdoors Show, X Socks, UltraSport, Cambells.
Sandringham Country Park Estate management - Mike Seville.
The Park High School and School Caterers.
Planners Eleanor and David West (SOS) and controller Mike Forrest (BOK).
Entries Secretary Paul Lowe (SUFFOC) - an enduring task.
Michael Napier (NOC) results service and commentary software; with Ian Marsden (HH) commentary hardware and Mick and Angela Lucking (NOC) providing the commentary.
All the East Anglian club members from HAVOC, NOR, SMOC, SOS, SUFFOC and WAOC.
BOF support from Pauline Olivant and Sophie Furness and joining in the event atmosphere with Lyn West EAOA chairman Sporting Champions Helen Winskill and Graham Gristwood.

Alan Bedder (NOR)


Eleanor: Several people have asked me over the last few months how I got involved with this event and the truth is I'm not sure - I guess I was asked and I said yes. When I thought about it too much I was slightly over whelmed by the task - I've never planned a full event before and it seemed somewhat daunting to start with a British Championship event. The reassuring thing was that I was fully confident that I knew what was needed since I've run enough British Schools' in my time!

Visiting Sandringham for the first time my first impression was of the brambles. Twelve months later, on the day before the event, having just put out the controls, my feeling was that there were still rather more brambles than I'd have liked! We tried hard to keep the courses out of the worst of them but to anyone whose legs ended up in a state anything like mine I apologise. That said, I hope everybody had fun and that the courses were as enjoyable to run as they were to plan.

I expected to be a lot more stressed by the event than I was - in the end everything seemed to run smoothly and I really enjoyed it all. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of a lot of people. I'd like to say particular thanks to John Ward, Andrew Cordle and Michael Napier, who all gave me the benefit of their expertise in various areas - it's all very well knowing what you need to do but in this day and age you need the tools to be able to do it. Thanks also to David as co-planner and Mike Forrest as controller for being easy to work with. You know what? I might even consider doing it again!

David: I'd like to pass on my thanks to all the people mentioned above. Eleanor made my life simple by telling me what to do and when to do it. To begin with there seemed to be a lot of work, but it actually ended up being quite enjoyable. I even managed to see the queen during one visit as she was driven past me. I think the courses used the best bits of the area - I hope you agree. I thought the day itself went pretty smoothly, and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. Thanks again to everyone involved.

Eleanor and David West (SOS)


My last job for this year's Bristish Schools Orienteering Championships is to thank, on your behalf, all of the people who contributed to such a successful day. Alan's organising team made it look so easy, but I can assure you it is not. The challenge of getting everything set up, everyone to their starts, and then compute all of the results in time for the presentation, requires a very efficient operation. And then there's the bit in between the start and the finish - it was a joy to work with enthusastic planners, who had been competing at the event not so many years ago - Eleanor and David planned some really good courses for you - and, even more important, put everything out in the forest on time and in the correct place. Many more experienced planners find that hard to achieve. Lastly, I think the system of helpers out in the forest to assist those of you who went astray worked really well to make sure that the day was enjoyable for runners of all standards, and made sure that nobody spent too long in the forest.

I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did, and will be back at Temple Newsam next year!

Mike Forrest (BOK)

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