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Getting Started

Each school wishing to introduce Orienteering will have different requirements, however, the following information may help.
BSOA recommends that teachers obtain training on how to deliver orienteering in a progressive way that meets the requirements of the appropriate National Curriculum or the National Competition framework. School Sports Partnerships (SSP) may wish to run courses. Your local orienteering club may be able to assist you. Teacher Qualifications.
Although some orienteering teaching may be started without a school site map, schools wishing to commission a map of their own site may find this information useful.
Check out the BSOA Shop for compasses, banners, punches, badges and books.

Some resources can be made in school.

More information and suggestions can be downloaded here:

Teaching Orienteering in Schools
Tri-O: Orienteering made easy
Orienteering Lesson Plans
KS1–KS2 Orienteering (OAA) Services for Schools
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