Results for BSOC 2008, Hawley & Hornley, Camberley, 16/11/2008

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Puzzle prize winners
The eight winners of a 10 Ultrasport voucher for the puzzle competition will have the voucher posted with the Final Results booklet.

Any queries on results, medals, prizes, maps or lost/found property please contact Bryce Gibson telephone 01189472220 (before 9pm please) or e-mail

Weekend Coordinator

It was a pleasure to work again with Berkshire Orienteers (BKO) and Southern Navigators (SN) members as a team, to produce this weekend of schools orienteering. My thanks to the officials, team leaders and helpers from these two clubs, supplemented by help from BOAC, GO, SOC, TVOC and BADO. In particular I would acknowledge the considerable contribution made by Alain Wilkes(BKO) assisted by Rachel and Sue who organised Sunday's event, Phil Beale (SN) who co-ordinated and organised the events on Saturday, Lynne Moore (BKO) who sorted out all the entries, Sue Bett (SN) who arranged the overnight accommodation, Controllers Pete Nicholls (GO), Philip Gristwood (MV), Paul Wallace-Stock (SN), Planners Tim Booth (BKO), Liz Yeadon (BKO), Steve Keyes (SN), Adrian Butter (SN), and SQE Organiser Paul Fox (SN). Many hours were put in by all these volunteers over the last six months.

My thanks also to:
- Sponsers: PGL, Buff, Outspan, SCOA, Ultrasport, Wilf's, EmitUK for prizes and other items
- Support from British Orienteering and British Schools Orienteering Association - in particular Pauline Olivant
- Grant from British Orienteering Elsie and Bertie Ward Fund
- Jon Stead and Tim Allsop (BAOC) for access arrangements and other items
- Axel Blomquist (BAOC) for accommodation for SQE
- Jane Archer and Calvin Manning looking after Saturday night accommodation
- Liz and Alan Yeadon for puzzles and other help
- SOC, TVOC, SARUM, Jerry Newcombe for free loan of Emit e-cards
- SEOA, MV, Burnham Joggers for free loan of equipment
- Special Guests: Graham Gristwood and Sarah Rollins
- Commentators: Ed Nicholas and Andrew Brown
- Peter Entwistle: Event Treasurer
- First aid: AHEP Medical
- Previous Organiser's notes and in particular Chris Branford

Bryce Gibson (BKO)

Saturday Coordinator and Organiser

Organising the BSOC training day began with the idea of linking it with SN's own junior league event, and as such encouraging some of the participating schools to take the extra step of entering the Championship event the following day which I am pleased to see that some did. We were then asked to include the special qualification race in addition, which added considerably to the size of the event. SN were fortunate to have use of Frith Hill with the good parking available, and the possibility of using the challenging area of Windmill Hill just across the road for the qualification race. There had been some initial concerns that the bracken would still be high, but with a cold snap and some snow a couple of weeks before the event it had at least begun to die back.

I have asked the planners and controllers from each part of the event to comment but being a modest bunch they have not said much, other than all did say that the general atmosphere of enjoyment by competitors seemed to say it all, in that both the training and the qualification race were a success, and I hope that is how you saw it.

My main concern at the training on Frith Hill was the fact that we underestimated the numbers of maps required for the White course and it did not seem long before we had to start recycling the maps or marking up blank maps that we had in stock. My thanks go to all group leaders and children who happily handed in their maps at the finish so others could use them and therefore help us over this problem. If as a result you did not get to keep a map but would still like one, I am happy to arrange to email a jpeg copy to any school who ask. Please let me know on

I would lastly like to thank the great team of SN, GO and BKO volunteers who all turned out to help make it such an enjoyable day.

Phil Beale (SN)

Saturday SQE Day Organiser

It seemed simple enough when SN said yes to putting on a special qualification race alongside the BSOC training day. Just four courses on a small area. Then you find out about the formalities of making it feel like "the real thing" for all the competitors! Hopefully we succeeded, with only a couple of small hiccups that I heard about - such as the crew of white-line painters who threatened to close the road to the start.

Thanks to Phil for resolving a lot of issues before the day, to Steve K for courses which received much praise, to Steve M for being patient with the computer when the newer SI cards produced some abnormal times, and to all the rest of my half of the SN team who made it happen on the day. It was good to see so many young people enjoying the sport in good spirit, and I wish the very best of luck to those who will be selected for the British team as a result of their performances.

Paul Fox (SN)

Sunday BSOC Organiser

Firstly a big thank you to all those parents, teachers and pupils who thanked us both during and after the event. A huge amount of time and effort goes in to setting up events such as the British Schools Orienteering Championship and the thanks are much appreciated.

There was a real buzz to this event as demonstrated both at the finish and the prize giving, with bags of noise and encouragement. Nearly 1,000 young people entered, most of whom managed to get around the course without any problems. We had six adults in the Forest with bibs who were there to help if needed. Most did not need their help but it was clear that some pupils had been entered without having competed in the minimum of three previous competitions. But with a bit of help most were able to carry on with some confidence.

We were very lucky with the weather considering the down pours that had occurred the week before. We did set up two shelter tents, one in the assembly area and one in the start area. Neither were needed I'm pleased to say. It was a pity that it decided to rain just as we started the prize giving but that didn't seem to dampen the enthusiasm - or the noise. Congratulations to all those who won medals.

Alain Wilkes (BKO)

Sunday BSOC Controller

It was a pleasure controlling this event as we had a good area, a high quality map that was regularly updated and Tim and Liz planned excellent courses and were a joy to work with. I think the concept of having 4 separate starts, all accessed from the same pre-start worked extremely well, although it did mean that a large number of officials were needed to run the start function.

On the night before the race there were a couple of controls that I was slightly uneasy about, but on the day these did not seem to cause a problem at all.

I found the sight of the competitors racing in, clearly enjoying themselves, cheered on by their school friends to be incredibly uplifting and it certainly made all the effort worth it, from my point of view.

Pete Nicholls (GO)

Sunday BSOC Planners

Planning for this event is an interesting job, because of the difficulty of fitting in so many courses for inexperienced orienteers on a single occasion.

I tried to keep some interest in the courses and give fair challenges for all levels of experience. However, as a singularly wet summer continued, the high levels of bracken growth gave cause for concern, prompting the movement of a control where even a very tall planner couldn't see over the top of the undergrowth. A fortuitous and unexpected snowstorm a couple of weeks before the event flattened everything, however, making an already fast area even faster and breaking my suggested ties for the winners.

Well done to everybody who took part.

Tim Booth (BKO)

Assisting Tim with this Schools event was an exciting challenge, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Controller, Pete Nicholls, was great to work with - firm but friendly, very easy to work with.

The concept of the number of courses at each level was initially slightly mind boggling but the area lent itself very well to this requirement with its many paths. However these also caused confusion with a number of the less experienced children and the Forest patrol helpers were used to great effect to help the confused on their way with the minimum of trauma.

There was an issue with the amount of tape in the area of the penultimate controls - possibly yellow/ black tape could have been used for the danger areas? However, if competitors had their maps orientated correctly, they should have been able to navigate through the area without mishap.

The best part of the event was to see the smiling yet determined faces as the children ran through the forest, through to the Finish and the great atmosphere in the Assembly area. Most satisfying to watch! (The weather also helped!)

Liz Yeadon (BKO)

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