Results for BSOA National Score Champs 2008, Sherwood Pines, 11/10/2008

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Over 500 competitors were challenged by Rhys' course and on behalf of Nottinghamshire Orienteering Club I would like to thank you all (and the many teachers and parents who brought you) for coming along and taking part.

Almost 30 helpers were involved and my heartfelt thanks to them all for giving up so much time to make the day a success.

I have a watch which was found and if anyone can describe it and send their address it will be returned to them. Please email me:

Hilary Palmer


I'm glad the day panned out so well with good weather and happy faces on so many competitors, as this event was a new challenge for the majority of competitors and helpers. I'm pleased that the day ran so smoothly and so many people commented upon their enjoyment. Well done to all the competitors as I was happy to see so many people in the forest enjoying their own freedom of routes in what appeared to be organised chaos.

I was grateful we all had such good feedback from so many competitors, school teachers and parents, I have never planned an event anywhere near as big as the BSSC, and would like to thank everyone who helped because in the end it took a large amount of man power especially for the start team who seemed to do a fantastic job of handling so many novice competitors, who we all hope will spread their enjoyment of our uniquely challenging and diverse sport.

Rhys Roberts


Controlling this event was a different challenge to controlling a normal orienteering event. Whilst you don't have to worry about how competitors will approach controls so much, it is a challenge to try and place controls so that there are choices in the order that they are taken.

It is interesting, thanks to Rhys' course planning, to see the first routes on routegadget as it demonstrates that even those getting all controls took different routes to get all the controls. The main issue before the event was ensuring that controls were fair. It would have been nicer to place controls on some more technical sites, but this was difficult given the number of paths and the state of the vegetation once off those paths. I believe that the eventual controls were a fair balance for all standards of competitors.

Thanks go to an efficient NOC organisation that lightened my load.

The only suggestion I have to all schools is that some might benefit from trying a few more score events before coming to the British School Score championships next year. It was almost painful to see competitors haring round 1 - 9 then suddenly realising that they were at the finish with a lot of time spare.

I hope that you will all take up this challenge and prove yourselves better at next years event.

Steve Kimberley (DVO)

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