Results for BSOA National Score Champs 2007, Petworth Park, 06/10/2007

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It is such a privilege to be the Organiser of a successful event - and very easy to get fooled into thinking "I did it". We did it, officials, team leaders, and helpers to be sure, but also teachers, parents and most of all you the competitors - it would have been no fun without you. Thanks for coming and joining in!

Three things, totally outside my doing, gave the foundation for the success of this event. First BSOA chose the date, giving us a lovely autumn day. Without it we'd have been somewhat less joyful - thank you BSOA. Second, Philip Gristwood suggested that Petworth Park would be a good location for the BSSC07 - and then added by the way that he'd be happy to be Controller. What a great idea - thank you Philip. And thirdly, after I'd twisted his arm to be the Planner, James Crawford was the inspired architect of the event around that superb arena on top of the hill, one of the best set-ups I have had - brilliant, James, thanks!!

Of course it wasn't perfect. We all make mistakes, and I made a few, and I'm sorry about that but I think we'll all live. Which just leaves me with that great roll call of gratitude to everybody who gave freely of their time to enable this event to happen. I am going to name some names, even though it gives me the opportunity to make yet another mistake and forget somebody (which if I do, I sincerely apologise in advance to you the omitted). We had great support from Christine Sutcliffe who gave us the BSOA angle and was always there to answer my stupid questions; Michael Napier was a rock in helping us through the pre-entries, and on the day with his computer systems, and even now with the results; Allan Farrington not only helped all day but his company Emit UK sponsored the event with some funding; Carole Sawyer and Gary Liddle at the National Trust in Petworth were extremely helpful and the NT also provided some funding. And more anonymously, but both with significant donations to our goody bag/prizes funds, were British Orienteering (the Bertie and Elsie Ward Fund) and BT.

Of the GO team (a mere 16 people!) I'd say Hilary was probably the most surprised by what she'd taken on (though I was a close second in surprise at what she'd taken on). Many thanks Hilary, and also to Alastair and Gary and Keith who were also hugely helpful before and during the event. Thank you to our 6 helpers from Southern Navigators who supplemented GO's meagre resources. And Rob Lines for being an energetic and ubiquitous Event Photographer. And finally a bouquet to SLOW Christine and GO Christine who between them made my final hour less arduous than it was shaping up to be!

So with apologies (again) to the Great Omitted, I will sign off with a note that we found a few items of property including a pair of sunglasses, black socks (neatly formed) and a Silva compass. If you wish to claim any of these please get in touch with me.

Jeremy Wilde


Orienteering is not often much of a spectator sport so the opportunity to set the finish /assembly area on top of the hill with the fantastic views was too good to miss. We were blessed with fine weather (if this is the effect of global warming then I'm voting for it - sorry) although the distant views were a bit hazy.

I expected that most runners would finish off with the 4 controls in sight of the viewing area and be encouraged by their mates. This seemed to have happened judging by the noise I could hear from the north part of the park 1 km away. 'Twas a joy to hear.

A score event in Petworth offers little technical challenge to our top young orienteers but does provide a good day out for the majority of youngsters. The best I could try for was a few route choices for those capable of clearing all controls. I hope you enjoyed the good visibility and running with the deer. Unfortunately few of the deer managed to make it to the quiet areas reserved for them and we ended up with one large herd in the middle of the competition area which was quite a sight to see. I didn't spot anyone with supper slung across their shoulders although a couple of Year 5 boys did seem to be paying an old stag undue interest. Too much Ray Mears I feel.

Respect to Peter and Matthew who stormed round in 4.66m/km and 5.05m/km - obscenely fast. And to Julia who was the outstanding girl. Congratulations to all of you who cleared all 30 controls.

My thanks to Philip Gristwood for keeping me on the straight and narrow and my apologies to Jeremy for repeated hassle and disappearing north of the border the week before the event.

James Crawford


It is difficult to add to the comments made by Jeremy and James. Great location for a score event, great weather and great organisation. Well done and thanks to everyone involved and to all the competitors and supporters for making it such a successful event.

Philip Gristwood (MV)

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