Results for BSOC 2006, Hawkbatch, Bewdley, Worcs, 19/11/2006

Organiser, Planner, Controller.
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How big a tent do you need to hold the prize giving in was one of the many questions I had asked myself, and got wrong. I had not counted on so many of you stopping to the end. Thank you all for supporting the winners in such a sportsmanship style.

A big thank you to all the helpers, from Hoc and other local clubs, for the help on the day. To the Forestry Commission and Mr E Gatehouse of Woodhouse Farm for permissions to use their land. To all the clubs that loaned us free of charge their dibbers. Finally thank you to all the teachers and parents that brought you along.

Just a little moan about the litter that had to be picked up. We have to be very careful to leave fields and forest litter free.

George Chambers (HOC)


About a year ago I volunteered to plan the British Schools SCORE Championships…. A few days later I discovered that it would be the full-blown big-brother BSOC, and of course I was overjoyed to realise all the extra fun I would be able to have!

This must be the only event in the calendar where four White courses are needed, and this is always going to be the biggest challenge for the Planner. On an older map of Hawkbatch there didn't seem to be a way of getting four different directions going out from the same part of our preferred Arena, but then we noticed a narrow ride mapped, going westwards through the forest from the Start area. On Saturday this ride was cleared of brashings, on Sunday morning the B6 and B7 competitors had no problems, and by Sunday night the brashings were back in place!

Special Thanks have to go to our Mapper, Alison Sloman. When I visited Hawkbatch in June there was a considerable amount of forestry work going on. Once the machines had moved out, I returned and saw that a number of areas had new rides and clearings. I gave Alison a long list of things which would need checking, and within a week or so she had spent a couple of days in the forest re-surveying, and the map had been finished to her usual high standards.

Andy Hemsted (HOC)


Andy had done all of the hard work before I started my work and had solved the problem of having four white courses. The courses he presented needed little change so all I had to do was confirm that the control sites were suitable. On the day all went well and it was great to see so many of you enjoying the competition. I hoped the courses and terrain proved challenging enough.

Allan Williams (WCH)

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