BSOC 2005: Training Event and ISSF Champs Qualification Race, 19/11/2005

Planner, Controller.
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Hope you enjoyed the courses. I tried to give a suitable challenge for the selection races. The winning times were in line with expectations but some children were out a long time. The brambles were a problem in parts of the wood but all were mapped and should have influenced route choice.

Keeping the training courses to a small part of the wood did mean these courses used the same paths and those who did several courses could rightfully complain that the three courses were somewhat similar.

Thanks to Ian McMillan the mapper who updated the map well into November; to Charlie for his unobtrusive controlling and to SYO for kindly lending their electronic stuff.

Rod Shaw (EPOC)


I only took on the task of controlling this event late in the day when planning and organising were already well advanced. I had not worked with the EPOC team before and was persuaded that Rod Shaw (Planner) and Phil Thompson (Organiser) were both very experienced and would need very little controlling. I need have had no concerns. The event ran as smooth as clockwork with very little input from me.

Mike Pownall coped admirably with the computing side of the event despite the problems caused by large scale multiple use of SI cards. This is one area where perhaps some improvements could be made for events for this type. Apologies to anyone who is missing one of their results, but the software is designed to cope with each SI card being used only once at any event.

Congratulations and good luck to all those selected to run in the World Schools Championships next year.

Charlie Adams (SYO)

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