Results for BSOC 2003, Delamere Forest, 16/11/2003

Organiser, Planner, Controller.
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When I offered (without any arm-twisting) to Organise, I had a fair idea what I was in for, but life is always full of surprises. This event needs to be non-standard, and is all the more special for it.

The weekend was a full North-West production involving a cast of literally hundreds. The driving committee started in February and working alongside Pete Sleigh and Sue Birkinshaw, you know you're in with The Professionals. Particularly helpful was the way the O community across the country obliged immediately every bizarre request I could come up with - 9 master control boxes, 5 beeping start clocks, 3 Grade 1 controllers, 1 Welsh flag, half-a-mile of orange mesh. Getting all the stuff together was a bit like assembling the 12 days of Christmas.

Just a few of the many moments which made it all worthwhile:
- The line of school tents above the finish funnel was the final touch that turned the whole assembly area into the Championship standard theatre we were trying to provide.
- A first quick skim of Ray Barnes' photos on
BSOA web site - all ages and abilities in a lovely Autumn forest.
- Jamie's personal approachability and enthusiastic T-shirt tossing making everything that bit extra special.
- Press-ganged orienteers' mates getting surprise team medals.
- Kate's little jokes on the way to the Starts.
- Every single thank-you remark in emails, conversation, phone calls.

Some statistics:
- 913 results, 99 pairs: so 1012 total finishers out of an entry of 1140, in the middle of the flu season. 161 schools represented.
- Approx 200 takers for Pete Lomas's Who Wants To Be An Orienteer course; over 60 entries for the Nostradamus competition (and incidentally very well done to winner Dan Halliday, and Carol Farrington, who got more points than I did despite my privileged access to information). I hope everyone enjoyed these extra diversions.
- 17 coaches, 32 minibuses, 240 cars (80 of them helpers)
- About 2 dozen bin-bags full of rubbish, and no litter anywhere else. Well done all, and thank-you very much.
- Over 80 MDOC helpers plus significant groups from DEE, SELOC, MEROC, SROC, NOC.

Thanks to:
- Bic, Outspan, Swizzels Matlow, The Outdoors Show, Vimto, Forest Enterprise, Forestry Commission Conservancy, Cheshire County Council, Ineosfluor, Marley Tiles, Mr Peter Jeffs, St Richard's Primary School, Wilmslow Rotary Club, Stockport Radio Club, Macclesfield Leisure Centre, ASICS, J Sainsbury, MAC Sound Systems, Cestrian Loos.
- Andy and Sarah Campbell, Robin Tilston, Mike Forrest who conspired to provide appropriate courses on a newly-extended map. Planning this event is another full set of unique challenges.
- Michael Napier's results service and commentary software; Mick and Angela Lucking, Jon Carberry, Ian Marsden, et al, for providing and enabling the commentary.
- Team leaders Kate Bryant and Chris Rostron for taking significant pre-event load off my shoulders; Dave Mawdsley for spending multiple days with me filling and emptying the van; all the many MDOC, SELOC, MEROC, DEE helpers so generous with their time and energy.
- Jamie Stevenson and Helen Winskill for being so much part of it.
- And all the folks at BOF and BSOA, who provided lots of support whenever it was needed.

And finally:
- The biggest vote of thanks goes to all the teachers and parents whose year-round efforts create school teams, prepare new orienteers, and on whose success the future of our sport depends. The event should be tuned to meet your needs as much as possible. You deserve the full support of the older orienteering community, and this year it was my privilege to provide some.

John Britton (MDOC)


We hope that you enjoyed your runs in the forest. The weather was kind to us with only a few spots of rain between the sunshine. The forest looked very autumnal, with a carpet of leaves or larch needles, however this made some of the small paths hard to see.

Planning four white and yellow courses, each from a different start, was an interesting challenge even in Delamere with its extensive path network. Hopefully the distance between the near start and the other three didn't present any difficulties. The radio control on the longer courses was a great success and added to the atmosphere in the finish field.

Thanks to Mike Forrest for his helpful comments on the courses, it was very useful to have someone with recent experience of organising a BSOC.

Thanks are also due to all of those who made things run smoothly on the day and before, particularly Nick Campbell and Jane Mockford for taping and staking control sites as well as putting out the SI units. Thanks also to the people from DEE and MDOC who helped to collect in the controls.

Andy and Sara Campbell (DEE)


Wow, what a great weekend! For me it started in a very dark, stormy forest on Friday afternoon, wondering whether it could get any worse. Fortunately it didn't, and we were blessed with good weather for the whole weekend.

That wasn't the only thing that DEE and MDOC (the organising clubs) got right. They also stage-managed a wonderful weekend of orienteering for everybody. First were the challenging courses in Delamere North for the keeners, and a gentler training event in Delamere East, both ably planned by Sally and Ian Gilliver of MDOC. Then we moved on to Delamere South (the last bit!) on Sunday, where Sara and Andy Campbell of DEE provided you with some excellent courses. For some of you, that included a visit to some really exciting bits of the forest, especially near Linmere Moss and Black Lake. Many of you will have seen me around near the starts (and some you accepted some help on your way), and I could tell that most of you were having a great time! So, on behalf of all, I would like to thank the planners and organisers for giving you such a good weekend.

Mike Forrest (BOK)

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