Results for BSOC 2002, New Beechenhurst Lodge, 17/11/2002

Lost Property, Organiser, Planner, and Controller.
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Lost Property

I'm left with one compass and one asthma inhaler found at the event, and at the school, we also had one large white towel left in the boys toilet and one pair of boys black fleece gloves aged 11-13 left in communal area. Please contact Mike Forrest on 0117-924-7441 or to claim these items.


Well, I did manage to arrange the weather rather well! Even the idyllic setting of Beechenhurst Lodge might have seemed less than perfect had we been there on the Thursday or Friday before, when we would have been met with torrential rain and high winds.

I had a marvellous day watching everyone enjoying themselves so much, it made all the hard work worthwhile. Particularly I must say a big thank you for all of you who sought me out to thank us for the day. However, an ever bigger thank you must go to teachers and parents who gave up their weekend to transport you to the event, and I hope you and they all got home safely.

A few thank yous....

Forest Enterprise, landowners and caterers, who did so much to welcome us and make the event a success. Particularly you all seemed to be enjoying the food on offer!

Our sponsors: Paul Baines of "World's Greatest Minds" for the magnetic poetry games handed out to you all when you finished, and for the two stunning prizes for the winners of the G13 and B13 courses. The key rings you also received when you finished were provided by Paul Kane of Internet Computer Bureau plc, UltraSport kindly provided the race numbers. Lastly, we were able to provide dibbers for you all only because of the generosity of the many orienteering clubs who provided their equipment to us without charge: NOR, WCH, SLOW, SN, EMOA, WIM, WOA, BSOA. Hope you all agree that SI was worth the effort!

The weekend was staged with the help of many orienteers: from Avon Schools Orienteering, who staged the practice race, North Gloucester Orienteering Club (finish, equipment and collecting controls), Sarum Orienteers (First Aid), Paul Johnson for the very popular Puzzle O, and many other members of Bristol Orienteering Klub (who did 'most everything else!). Last, but certainly not least, we are indebted to Michael Napier for his superbly professional results service, which enabled us to start the presentation as the last finishers were coming in.

Also, I would like to mention Vicki Gray of the Weald School, who interrupted her run to help a younger competitor back to the start.

Finally, would I do it again? Well maybe, but I'll need a bit of a rest first!

Mike Forrest (BOK)


Having agreed to plan this event I contacted the planner of the 2001 Championships, and it was only then that I realised what was involved. I was to plan courses for a large number of children whose orienteering experience ranged from the virtually non-existent, to the regular, competitive, orienteer.

The first difficulty, having agreed on an Assembly area, was to find a suitable Start, bearing in mind the need to have four White courses which require a control at every decision point and which cannot, therefore, start from exactly the same place.

I then tried to plan courses which would satisfy the regular orienteer without making them too difficult for the novices. Looking at the finish times it is apparent that some of the courses were a little too short or too easy but, having said that, there were still a large number of children whose times were excessively long. We were fortunate to enjoy good weather. On most, if not all, of the previous five or six Sundays, the weather had been appalling and these children would have been very wet and cold.

If the Championships are to remain open to all competitors, and not just the 'elite', I believe that it must be accepted that the better runners, especially in the middle age groups (i.e. Year 8 - Year 10), will be running courses which will be unlikely to test them. The other competitors will, however, be able to complete their courses and be encouraged to continue in the sport.

I'd like to thank everybody that helped, encouraged, and supported me, from the planner of the 2001 Championships through to the last control collector. A special thank you to the staff at Forest Enterprise who removed several trees which had fallen across the White course routes during the high winds experienced shortly before the event.

Trevor Griffiths (BOK)


I found this a very enjoyable event to control. Trevor produced some very good courses given the hard task of planning several at each technical difficulty. Despite the short preparation time everything was ready without any panic. I checked most of the controls within 2 hours on Saturday afternoon leaving only a few for Sunday morning. The team of planner's helpers (essential when sport ident is used) ensured that all control equipment was in place and every unit was awake in plenty of time.

Judging by the atmosphere in the finish field the event was a big success. It was great to hear you cheering all day long. I heard hardly any comments about the courses so I assume they were of the right standard.

I hope you all enjoyed you weekend in the Forest of Dean.

Allan Williams (Walton Chasers)

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