Results for BSOA National Score Championships, Lever Park, Horwich, 12/10/2002

Lost Property, Organiser, Planner, Satisfied customers.
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Lost Property

1 Compass
1 Thermal glove
1 Childs necklace in a case
Please contact Martyn and Sue Roome tel 01995 603885


This was a co-operative effort between SROC and SELOC - who supplied an excellent new map and helpers, with much assistance from parents and staff of Bolton School and Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School. It was very rewarding working with so many people prepared to invest their time in developing young people and the future of our sport. Anyone who says that orienteering does not appeal to todays youngsters should have been here!

On the day, everything went smoothly - even the weather turned up trumps after a wet start! The main problem was ensuring the safety when crossing the road. The planners came up with the solution and the clubs and the schools provided the manpower to implement it.

Mike Napier's computerised results system worked a treat. One must ask if next year a move should be made towards e-punching. Our experience with children learning O is that their memory of where they have been is not a problem (hence a punched card is not needed) and many children now are uneasy with the old fashioned technology of tyvek. Results accuracy and speed would be improved and manpower need decreased.

We are most grateful to United Utilities (Ian Harper in particular) for the use of their land and their willing assistance, and to our other sponsors James Hay Pension Trustees Ltd, the Halifax Bank, BOF and of course BSOA. Our thanks also go to the Mayor and Mayoress of Horwich, who not only presented the prizes, but showed such an interest in our sport and our youngsters, who were themselves such good ambassadors.

An all round reet good do!

Martyn and Sue Roome (SROC)


We wanted to give the competitors as much choice as possible in picking a route, and watching from the start this seems to have worked, judging by the various routes taken. The fast road bisecting the area was always going to be a problem and we put a great deal of thought into finding the safest solution possible.

We worked out the optimum route and the two fastest competitors for boys and girls ran this route almost exactly, Rob Little managing under 5 minutes per kilometre.

We hope that all the competitors, teachers, and parents enjoyed Lever Park. It has been one of my favourite places since I was a schoolboy (in the olden days!).

John Denmark and Jon Carberry (SROC)

Thank you

Dear Sue and Martyn,

On behalf of everyone at Bramcote Lorne School I would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work organising the Score Championships at Lever Park yesterday.

Please pass on our appreciation to you team of helpers.

When you write up your comments for the results booklet please also pass on a big thank you to the older boy who helped to pull one of our Year 5 girls to escape from a thigh deep bog at control 15.

Once again many thanks,

Robert Parkinson from Bramcote Lorne School

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